Saint Etienne - Foxbase Alpha  Vinyl Box Set

Foxbase Alpha Vinyl Box Set

Saint Etienne

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12" Vinyl Boxed Set (25th Anniversary Box Set) 24 tracks £50.00 Out of stock


Saint Etienne - Foxbase Alpha Vinyl Box Set

Special Edition Box Set

“And now ladies and gentlemen, what you’ve been waiting for!”
Limited to just 2000 copies worldwide the box includes:

* The original album remastered and cut onto two twelve inch 45rpm discs for higher fidelity, housed in an exclusive gatefold version of the original sleeve.
* ‘Remains Of The Day’, an exclusive album that gathers together ten rare 'Foxbase Alpha'-era recordings from the period most of which are appearing on vinyl for the first time.
* An exclusive one-sided 7” featuring the original, previously unreleased version of ‘Kiss And Make Up’, featuring ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ singer Moira Lambert.
* A perfect bound, 12" square, 28 page book featuring many unseen photographs and artefacts from the era, plus a new interview with Bob Stanley by the Guardian's Michael Hann.
* Three 10”x 8” black and white portraits of the group.
* A perforated sheet of Foxbase Alpha trading cards.
* Exact reproductions of the original album press release and biography.
* A digital download code for all of the music.

All items included in the box are exclusive and won’t be available elsewhere.

The box can be pre-ordered at £50 (plus postage) from from 5pm GMT on Thursday 27th October.

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Price £50 plus postage

Catalogue number: HVNLP1SE

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12" Vinyl Boxed Set (25th Anniversary Box Set) (HVNLP1SE)
    1. Saint Etienne - This Is Radio Etienne
    2. Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart
    3. Saint Etienne - Wilson
    4. Saint Etienne - Carnt Sleep
    5. Saint Etienne - Girl VII
    6. Saint Etienne - Spring
    7. Saint Etienne - She's The One
    1. Saint Etienne - Stoned To Say The Least
    2. Saint Etienne - Nothing Can Stop Us
    3. Saint Etienne - Etienne Gonna Die
    4. Saint Etienne - London Belongs To Me
    5. Saint Etienne - Like The Swallow
    6. Saint Etienne - Dilworth's Theme
    1. Saint Etienne - Kiss And Make Up
    2. Saint Etienne - Filthy
    3. Saint Etienne - Chase HQ
    4. Saint Etienne - Sally Space
    5. Saint Etienne - Sweet Pea
    6. Saint Etienne - The Reckoning
    7. Saint Etienne - People Get Real
    8. Saint Etienne - Winter In America
    9. Saint Etienne - Speedwell
    10. Saint Etienne - Fake 88
    1. Saint Etienne - kiss and make up (Demo)